Google Finally Rolls Out Assistant Driving Mode After Last Year's Announcement

Back at the Google I/O event in 2019, Google announced an exciting new service that they would be providing. This new service was essentially meant to replace the Android Auto app that users currently have access to, an app that is meant to make it so that these users can end up having some kind of an assisted driving experience all in all. The new service would be an updated navigation UI that would be integrated into Google Maps, and it would basically be referred to as the Google Assistant Driving Mode.

According to XDA, the new feature is now being rolled out and it incorporates Google Assistant into Google Maps while you are driving. What this means is that you would be able to voice activate certain apps that might just be able to help you during the driving process. This includes turning music on or off and answering calls as well as all kinds of other activities that you might not want to be distracted by while you are focusing on the road.

Now when you go into Google Assistant settings on Google Maps, you would see an option that would enable you to manage driving mode. You can toggle this on or off to see whether or not it is truly doing the sort of thing that you want it to do, and you can subsequently find that the driving process has become a great deal easier than might have been the case otherwise.

This update is currently being rolled out so if you haven’t seen it yet then you should rest easy because of the fact that chances are that you would end up getting it sooner or later. This is going to simplify things quite a bit for Google Maps users and allow them to get more things done while they drive.

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