Google's New Guide Teaches Brands about the Changing Shopping Behaviors in 2020!

2020 has been a year like none other and as we get closer to the holiday shopping season, businesses are preparing to cope with the changes brought forth by this year and ensure a successful shopping season. And this prompted Google to come up with a detailed guide covering the advancing shopping behaviors.

The said behaviors are based on search trends. Additionally, tips for businesses to adapt accordingly are also a part of the aforementioned guide. Basically, the guide sheds light on five important trends that marketers should know about.

First of all, the shopping season is expected to be longer than usual this year. According to Google, 62% of American shoppers are considering starting their holiday shopping earlier this year so they don’t miss out on stuff and get to avoid large crowds.

In fact, a large chunk of people has already started looking up the holiday items, deals, and discounts. Interestingly, people are searching for their holiday goods ONLINE! Thus, brands can benefit greatly by looking at the bigger picture and getting maximum eyes on their products/services by offering lucrative deals and discounts.

Google also states that this year, 69% of US shoppers are considering shopping online for the holidays as compared to how many people used to go online for shopping in the previous years.

That being said, it’s crucial for the brands to test their sites’ interface and user experience beforehand so that online shoppers (both regular as well as first-time) get to do their holiday shopping without any inconvenience. Moreover, consumers are also going online to fetch details about different products.

Google revealed that “available near me” searches have increased by more than 100% in the last 12 months while searches for “curbside pickup” have witnessed more than a 3,000% increase worldwide.

So, if you own a business, make sure that your online listings are up to date, contain all the necessary information, and cover relevant search terms along with taking into account the changing behaviors. Google’s Shopping Insights are a great help in this case.

It’s also worth noting that 66% of US holiday shoppers claimed that they would shop more at local small businesses to support them. Google encouraged the brands to take advantage of this opportunity and share their story and provide local consumers with insights into their business as well as into local causes they are willing to support.

Last but not the least, Google specifies that countless shoppers are willing to give new brands a chance this holiday season. And Google can help brands with this, thanks to the numerous ad options it boasts.

You are encouraged to study the full guide as it contains a more detailed and logical explanation for every point discussed here.

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