YouTube Updates Content Rules to Crack Down on QAnon and Other Conspiracy Theories

The rise of the internet and particularly social media has unfortunately lent a lot of credibility to a wide range of conspiracy theories that are out there. Some of these are rather sinister because of the fact that they use fake and disproven science to make something false appear to be true as is the case with the anti-vaxxer movement. Another example of this would be QAnon, although in this case the conspiracy theory is rather fantastical in nature yet in spite of the fact that this is the case many people seem to be believing in it.

This has created a huge problem for companies such as YouTube that are trying to make it so that the level of quality concerning the content available on their platform would be top notch in every single way, shape or form and would not contribute anything harmful to the world in general. YouTube has been taking steps to prevent the spread of misinformation, and now that Facebook has cracked down on QAnon after the group started taking responsibility for real world terrorism and violence it turns out that YouTube is following suit although the nature of this particular platform means that YouTube might not be able to take quite a strict approach.

The video streaming platform has already reduced views on such videos by about 70% through its various methods, and now the crackdown will proceed further to remove any videos that mention this sort of thing. YouTube won’t be putting a blanket ban on all mentions of the content, though, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that many news organizations will be mentioning it to keep users updated on the dangers it poses and removing this content would be counterproductive.

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