Google Brings Three Big Changes to Vastly Improve Its Search Engine

It’s fair to say that Google owns the single best internet search engine in the world, or at least the most popular one, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. Most of the time when a company ends up having some kind of a monopoly in the industry this leads to the company resting on its laurels and not really innovating until a competitor suddenly comes along and takes away a lot of their market share thereby making it far too late for the company in question to do pretty much anything about their current position.

Google is clearly wary of this happening which is why the platform is always trying to innovate as much as possible. There are three new changes coming to Google Search now that would help improve matters. The first is an improved “Did You Mean” feature. This is a feature that most people are quite familiar with, it basically gives you a suggestion of what you might be trying to type out which is important because of the fact that about 10% of searches are made with spelling mistakes according to research that Google conducted.

Google is also improving its indexing functionality by offering separate indexes for passages on a page thereby allowing you to locate specific phrases on websites that could pertain to what you are interested in at any given point in time. The Google neural net is also going to have improved subtopic processing capabilities. This means that if someone enters a search query that is rather vague, you will get a lot more content that would be ranked according to subtopics which can greatly improve the overall quality of the results that you would be getting. This is a sign that Google isn’t intending to sit back anytime soon.

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