Google Improves Lens Accessibility for App and Chrome for Android

Google has long been trying to make it so that you can search for things without having to come up with specific words or keywords that can help the algorithm understand whatever it is that you might be trying to say at that specific point in time. Part of this process involves Google Lens, an exciting new feature that makes it so that you can simply search for an image and have the Lens tell you each specific component of that image and allow you to search for something specific in the picture that you might want to know a little bit more about.

The recent event from Google that was live streamed has revealed that a lot of new features are coming to Google Lens. One aspect of this is that Google is making Lens a lot easier to access from the search engine app for Android as well as Chrome for Android if you happen to be making searches using this application rather than the former. The way this works is that you would now be able to press and hold on an image that you have gotten in your search results and Lens would tell you what items are in that image, thereby enabling you to search for those specific items as well.

One major area that this would impact would be eCommerce. Google has been trying to enter the ecommerce game for a while now much like other major tech companies such as Facebook and Pinterest, and the new Lens functionality is going to make this far easier since users can just tap on something in an image that they want to buy and subsequently make the purchase. People that use iOS are going to be getting something like this fairly soon as well according to top level executives at the company.

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