Creator Insider brings some new updates about YouTube Shorts monetization and an experiment on comments 'Held for Review'

Creator Insider that brings the latest information and developments from YouTube Creator tech teams has recently revealed some interesting new updates.

In a video for the 'Newsflash' series, the host discussed an experiment that YouTube is going to be doing in the following weeks. For this experiment, YouTube is going to remove comments that have been 'held for review' after 60 days. To notify the Creator community and the wider audience, YouTube will announce through a banner notice.

After 60 days of this banner notice going live, YouTube will begin its experiment and start removing the 'held for review' comments. YouTube is going to closely monitor the responses and feedback of YouTubers to evaluate the success of this experiment and to see whether this measure is going to be effective or not.

Another update is about YouTube Shorts, the new feature that has been in talks for a while now. YouTube Shorts is a short-form video experience that lets the creators create 15-60 seconds long videos. This feature is much similar to the famous short-form video-sharing app, TikTok. However, the strategy here is to connect the upcoming generation of mobile creators with over 2 billion active audiences that YouTube provides through its platform.

If you are a creator and Shorts is not available in your region as yet, you can use the hashtag #Shorts to make your shorter videos eligible at least for Shorts watch experience.

If you are eligible to use Shorts, you can feature them on any section on your Channel homepage. For instance, if you want to feature them on the 'Uploads' section, you may do so without any trouble. Shorts videos will also be visible in your video tabs.

While this is a part of the YouTube experience, the monetization process for Shorts is a little different and still under development.

YouTube says that as they roll out the feature, they are going to consciously monitor the impact it will have on your analytics. The 'Shorts' videos will not be supported by advertisements and they will not generate revenue from the YouTube Premium subscription. So, for some time, although your views will keep increasing on your Shorts videos, your RPM will start to dip because your videos will not be generating any revenue.

YouTube is working on some ways to make those videos profitable for you, but at the moment, those features are not live as yet. However, your Shorts videos will have an impact on your overall YouTube Analytics. Your views on these Shorts videos will rise and you will see them under 'Traffic Source Types' which is right under the 'Reach' tab.

All your views seen from your channel's homepage will come under 'browse Home,' and all other views from the Shorts videos will come under 'Shorts Traffic.'

So, this is how YouTube is thinking about monetization for Shorts, but as mentioned before, these are some half-baked plans and still need more work to make Shorts profitable for the creators.

Photo: Olly Curtis/Future / Getty Images

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