Apple is ranked as the most intimate brand during pandemic in MBLM's Brand Intimacy Study

From the previous 2020 brand intimacy study done by MBLM past spring, Apple was designated with the top position in the technology industry nevertheless in overall ranking Apple was beaten by Amazon and Disney.

Apple was ranked on top of the list of the most intimate brands during the crucial time period of coronavirus pandemic. This list was proposed by MBLMs which is Brand Intimacy COVID Study that ranks the brand according to their emotional connection with their users during pandemic.

Amazon and Google were ranked Second and third respectively in this list. Brand Intimacy can be stated as emotional science about the bond that consumer and brand shares between each other. Rest of the top 10 brands on the list of MBLM were Walmart, YouTube, Toyota, Disney, Netflix, Chevrolet and PlayStation.

It is seen from the trend that COVID-19 had greatly influenced the interest on the people indicating that consumers had preferred entertainment over others. This shift of interest was mainly among tops brand of automotive to then entertainment and media brands. It was further observed by MBLM that the companies with higher ranks performs better in stock than other companies.

Reason that causes Apple to rank 1st in brand for intimacy is its popularity among the demographic of woman and millennials whereas Amazon was ranked 1st among men. Astonishing results from Piper Sandler US survey which was conducted earlier indicates that almost 86% of the teenager are iPhone users and nearly 89% of teenagers want to have iPhone as their new phone, this survey has surely proven the popularity on iPhone among younger generation.

Some of the key finding of the study are mentioned below:

In the time period of global health crisis, it was noticed that consumer which are connecting emotionally to the number of brands has increased up to 23%.

Top three industries include Media & entertainment, automotive and retail.

Women and millennial ranks Apple as top brand while Men ranks Amazon as top brand.

It is observed that in the time of pandemic men started to have strong bond with brands as compared to the bond women share with brands.

People during pandemic tends to use more Zoom making it to the top which was followed by Purell and Netflix.

Users of Purell are willing to pay 20% extra for their services which makes it No. 1 brand.

During COVID-19, brand that are more linked to the smartphones has gained more popularity and strength.

In automotive industry Tesla is ranked No. 1 as it charges its customers 20% more for their services.

MBLM led a quantitative survey of 3,000 respondent on their experience on 10 industries and 100 brands.
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