Twitter is working on allowing users to Mute Direct Message requests

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who discovers hidden gems and reveals upcoming features from different apps has recently taken to Twitter and posted a tweet about a feature that Twitter seems to be working on these days.

As per her tweet, Twitter is working on an option that the users will be given when they will receive direct message requests. This option will let the users ‘Mute’ those direct message requests, and once muted, the future messages from that person will all go at the end of the user’s message request list.

Now, this is something interesting. Whenever there is a message request, users have the option to either ‘Block’ them, ‘Report’ them, ‘Decline’ their request, or ‘Accept’ it. By choosing to block, users put a full stop to receive any messages from the same person in the future. By reporting to Twitter, users choose to let Twitter take action against any abuse or spam that they encountered.

Now, with the new option of Muting these annoying message requests, Twitter is giving another choice for the users to not only silence those people but also push their future message requests to the end of their DM requests list.

This is definitely not going to sit well with those creeps and cyberbullies who are always lurking around in the direct messengers of different social media platforms. Their main purpose in life is to disturb people with their nonsense and to create chaos in the lives of others with their meaningless chatter.

This is a good way to not only make them feel unwelcome but to also make them realize that they are being ignored very conveniently.

Some of Jane Wong’s followers commented under her tweet that what difference does it make because people can easily block those message requests, so why bother about muting them and pushing them away? Jane gave a very nice reply to this valid question. As per her, this feature is to strike a perfect balance between blocking and not blocking.

Let us see how people will react if and when this feature will roll out officially.

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