YouTube is pushing users to buy YouTube Premium to beta test its new features

YouTube has made a new, borderline confusing, move by making users buy YouTube Premium to test out new features before they are released to the general public. The video hosting giant has been pushing YouTube Premium for quite some time now and people have not been tempted to buy it. This may be just another tactic from YouTube to get people to buy Premium so they can have access to a previously free feature.

It is quite bizarre that YouTube is making users pay for such a trivial feature. It’s not like it’s something that non-paying users will miss out on. They will eventually get access to the new features if they garner enough positive responses on the testing page.

All of this just seems like a ploy to get more users to subscribe to Premium and this is not a pleasant method to do so. Users will now be more hesitant to subscribe to Premium as YouTube seems so desperate to have users pay.

People have grown used to YouTube being a free and reliable service and that’s how it was introduced and that’s how users liked it. This sudden change to having to pay for something that most of us have grown up with being free is odd.

YouTube’s recent increase in ads in videos and the addition of un-skippable ads already had users thinking that YouTube was just trying to increase profits at the expense of annoying their users and then they introduced multiple ads before videos and this only added to the annoyance. Now, with moves like this, they are cementing the beliefs of users that YouTube is trying to increase their already humongous profits, and this is causing mistrust in users.

YouTube Premium offers users the ability to download music but there are already other streaming services that people are using and are quite content with.

So, if YouTube wants to more people to subscribe to YouTube Premium they should focus on developing it further and adding more interesting and appealing features that will attract the new generation and make people believe that it is worth spending money on rather than apply sneaky tactics and relentlessly pressuring users to buy the subscription. This is not expected of such a highly respected and popular platform like YouTube and is just damaging to their profile. It creates an image of a profit-hungry corporation that has no regard for its users.
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