Google introduces longer lasting Cloud Anchors connecting real world locations with AR Content

For people to comprehend on the latest update of Google regarding the launch of persistent Cloud Anchors creating interactive layers of digital information and anchoring them to actual location, one should know about persistent Cloud Anchors and AR layer.

The Acronym AR stands for “Augmented reality”, it is far different from VR (Virtual Reality) as this technology uses physical and real-world environment later superimposing layers of digital information in the form of animation or computer-generated images which results in changing the visualization of reality.

Cloud Anchoring has same working functionality as that of an anchor except by using this people not only can add layers of virtual objects into an augmented reality scene but can also share it with people within the same physical space.

Google AR core offer powerful tools to produce AR experiences and now with persistent cloud anchors Google can permanently lay information over the real world which can be bonded to a particular location of the world. Google is launching AR 1.20 along with a number of different apps that are already using this technology while on the other hand Google had showed the world about Earth Cloud Anchors.

When Cloud anchoring is used, it creates a 3D model using visual data that can be accessed and shared by users. Formerly this feature vanishes when the app or devices is closed and can only be used in a single session but now from the persistent Cloud Anchoring, as the name indicate has the feature which let this last more because developers tied it with the latitude and longitude.
Developers of the Google said that users can now connect digital AR content with real world location using Persistent Cloud Anchors which can be accessed from any compatible mobile devices. AR experiences from Persistent Cloud Anchor can be shared by number of people at the same time and can be returned to it again even after long duration of time.

AR core 1.20 opening world the new possibilities and now this feature is available for iOS, Android and unity developers. Following are the various apps that has persistent Cloud Anchor:

SJ Labs: This app help people to find their way around train station

Lowe’s Persistent view: By using these apps people will be able to design and share their space.

REWILD Our Planet: From these apps people learn more about natural world.

MARK: This app allows people to leave AR massages for their family, friends in real world locations. Developers already uses persistent Cloud Anchors to create and share street arts.

Changdeok Arirang: This app helps people to discover places with historical significances.

The global localization technology will be dominated by Earth Cloud Anchors as they offer Live View directions in Google Maps. Earth Cloud Anchors will aid their users on where to walk in step-by-step directions.

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