Stats Show That Windows 7 Is Still Giving A Tough Time To Windows 10

As these days, we get to see Windows 10 in almost all of the computers around us, the new data related to Microsoft’s desktop operating system also projects the same as the company has announced that Windows 10 managed to achieve the another personal best in the month of September this year.

However, with all the immense success of Windows 10, it still doesn’t look like that its predecessor Windows 7 is going to lose the competition that easily. Despite being abandoned, Windows 7 continues to be the second most popular choice in windows of users who are also not very much concerned about the security risk associated to keeping the Windows installed in your system.

Going by the exact figures provided by NetMarketShare, Windows 10 is currently running on 61.26% of PCs out there - which is an increment from 60.57% in August. But these figures aren’t really surprising knowing that Windows 7 retired in January of this year and how Microsoft is pushing consumers and enterprises both to shift to Windows 10.

The real surprise, on the other hand, relates to Windows 7 that still managed to see an increase in its market share last month right at the time when it was expected that the share will go down rapidly after Microsoft’s announcement to end the service of Windows 7.

Windows 7 jumped to 22.77% in September from 22.31% in August. While this increment isn’t quite well in line with what Windows 10 has achieved yet it still is going well. Another reason of this incline can also be the downfall of Linux - which is almost on the verge of getting vanished.

But with all the bright figures in place, should you consider Windows 7 for your PC again? A good answer would be “NO” because Microsoft doesn’t want you to bear with security risks.

For now, Microsoft is only providing updates of Windows 7 to enterprise customers who are directly in contract with the company for extended security releases as part of its dedicated program.

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