Version 86 of Google Chrome brings out password checking option, biometric, safe browsing and many more security features

On 6 October 2020 Google Chrome came up with several new updates for V86. The new features are for Mac, Android, Linux and Windows. The specialty of this update is that it focuses on the safety of its users and also looks after some other security aspects. Many of the features of version 86 were available on desktop but now this update brings all these features on mobile phones as well. Some of the features are:

Password check

After the launch of version 86, users will get a notification if their information gets leaked or if anyone gets a hold of it.

Improved secured Browsing

Whenever someone makes searches for URLs which are inappropriate or not very common, users will know about the search made from their accounts. Many users even type their passwords when they get forwarded URLs which results in their accounts getting hacked

Biometric options

The feature of biometric is also there in case ever your password leaks the hacker will not have your face ID or touch ID. In July a touch to fill password option was also launched by Google.

Google has also created its own URL which allows the users to quickly update their password if it ever gets leaked.

Often the URLs are presented in a way that shows that users are opening a known website but in actual that website will be a risk to the privacy of the users in order to protect them Google will only show the registrable domain in the URL.

Version 86 also has another safety precaution whenever you open an inappropriate link it will show you an option of Did you mean? So that the users can confirm the URL before opening it.

Chrome 86 will also warn the users about the web forms which are downloaded through HTTPs. Even though the Autofill will be unable doe users Google will still suggest special passwords and warn about the inappropriate websites.

This version will also block any inappropriate HTTP or HTTPS files on Windows, Android and Linux by saying that this message cannot be downloaded because of security reasons. It will also alert the users of pdf files which might be dangerous. Whenever any original update will come to Google will notify it's users itself with a green sign this is to avoid hacking.

Google has been trying to reduce CPU and power consumption since many releases but was unsuccessful but after this feature, Google will be able to detect whenever one window is over the another and if it is detected all the activities will be forced stop or the tabs will freeze except the videos and audios running in the background. Version 86 will also minimize power consumption by making CPU usage to only 1% and enable the wake-up option after every minute.

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