Facebook Is Discontinuing Its Notes Feature for Pages and Individuals Despite Widespread Usage

There was a time not all that long ago when putting Notes up on Facebook was actually something that a lot of people enjoyed doing for a wide variety of reasons. It was a way to get your feelings across and connect with people, and most of the time it also had the potential to really help you flex your creative potential in a wide variety of ways as well.

Notes for Pages is also something that ended up becoming extremely popular, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that businesses could use this feature to reach out to customers and help them see whatever it was that they had to offer as well as communicate updates for the future along with addressing any widespread complaints that their customer base might have had.

With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that Facebook will be discontinuing notes for pages and personal use in spite of the fact that a lot of users are complaining about this and feel like not being able to take advantage of this feature is going to hurt the online presence of their business in some way, shape or form which is the sort of thing that no one is going to want to have to go through if you think about it.

One reason behind why Facebook might be doing this has a lot to do with the wide variety of bad actors that would take advantage of this feature. A lot of phishing campaigns had become widespread, and these phishing attempts would basically be trying to steal the log in credentials and other bits of data from page admins so that control of a page could be forcibly taken.

With this in mind the discontinuing of this feature might just be for the best, although some might say that Facebook could have gone a different route and kept the feature while beefing up security as well especially because of the fact that so many businesses and individual (even Mark Zuckerberg) benefited from using this feature in the first place.
Facebook is sunsetting its Notes feature for all on Oct 31
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  1. This discontinuance makes m furious!!!!! I had pieces there that I like to access every once in a while. The least you could have done is to tell us that you were doing this so that we could remove the pieces that we want to keep. I am so very much disappointed in Facebook. I'm beginning to believe some of the awful things I've heard about your site. Am I a very unhappy used? You betcha!!!

  2. I want my notes back. Just to save them. I thought that they will be safer than posts. Can I get them in a file?

  3. Are there any options to using notes? I was using notes as a file cabinet visitors could access and retrieve notes written on specific subjects germane to the page. Is there an option where I can create content that has either been stored as a Word.Doc or PDF that visitors can click on a link to access it within the page? Thx in advance

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