Twitter makes creating new tweets for ads easier and more efficient

Twitter has added a minor but practical feature to its Ad Manager. Twitter’s Ad Manager is an amazing and revolutionary tool for users who have Twitter accounts for their businesses. Ad Manager provides an extensive array of options for business owners to use and explore. It features Campaigns that allow users to create full campaigns for products or for their business. There are various Campaign types sorted into three main categories, Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. They also provide users with various formats and have an Analytics tab that provides the user with in-depth information about their ads’ or campaigns’ popularity and reach.

Ads Manager is already an excellent tool but Twitter has not stopped making small changes to it with ideas to improve its efficiency and make it easier for beginners to use but providing enough advanced options so that professionals can get exactly the type of results they want. Twitter has managed to keep the balance spectacularly well and this update is just another example of Twitter’s ingenuity and their devotion to making their platform as user-friendly as possible and making it more enticing for business owners to advertise their business on Twitter.

The update pops up when users open Ads Manager and shows the user a preview of how their ad will appear on Twitter’s mobile application and their desktop site. It updates the preview as the user continues to make changes to the ad and the update has also made it easier to duplicate created Tweets to make fine changes to the final outcome. The duplicate is created by checking the ‘Create another’ box in the top right of the panel next to the ‘Tweet’ button. This gives users an opportunity to be able to see what their ad will look like to their followers and anyone else who sees their ad. They will be able to make better changes and be able to better determine whether their ad is impressive and enticing enough to be able to draw users to their product or account on the two main platforms on which Twitter is used.

This small update is extremely useful and insightful for users who want to make sure that their ads are attractive enough for this generation of Twitter users

This update was first spotted by Matt Navarra (and SMT), an experienced and trusted source of updates on new features and updates by the most popular social media platforms.

This update is in no way groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it does make ad creating easier for users looking to up their products or business’ popularity and increase traffic to their account.

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