US Government Report Mentions July Twitter Hack as a Sign That Regulations Are Required

Social media platforms may have seemed like a casual frivolity just a decade and a half ago, but nowadays they are really important communication channels that can usually make it so that the vast majority of people can stay in touch with one another and most people use them to stay up to date on all the latest information as well. This means that when something like the Twitter hack that happened in July occurs, it can potentially pose a major security threat for the world as a whole.

The US government has been mulling over antitrust regulation for a while now, targeting Google in particular in an attempt to regulate a situation that they find is starting to get out of control. A recent report released by the New York State's Department of Financial Services has named Twitter’s July hack as a prime example of why these kinds of regulations are so important, and the report is actually quite critical of Twitter’s upper management referring to the fact that Twitter did not have a Chief Information Security Office, or CISO, for about seven months before the hack occurred.

Regulations are important for any industry, but these regulations in particular have been met with somewhat of a mixed reception by people that feel like they are disproportionately targeting the tech industry and might just end up stifling innovation in some way, shape or form in the future. Twitter in particular is not going to be happy that they were singled out in this manner, and this might just indicate that the US government’s next target is going to end up being this social media platform along with other platforms that have been targeted in the past. This is a rather precarious situation and we will have to wait and see where it goes from here.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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