Reports Show Half of The World Is Online On Social Media

There are almost 8 billion people living on our planet Earth (7.81 billion) to be exact and have you ever wondered how many of them use social media every month? Well, 4.14 billion which is half of the total population and much to one’s surprise the number is increasing with every 2 million people joining a social network with every passing day.

So, do you remember Elon Musk saying that the current generation is part of a virtual simulation? Well, he was absolutely right. But to prove how social media is driving our world beyond the imaginations, there is a new Digital 2020 October Global Statshot Report which has been produced by Hootsuite and We Are Social. The data of the report primarily revolves around what people are doing online or on social media and what exactly is going to be the future.

The report begins with a revelation of 5.20 billion people using mobile phones around the world with 4.66 billion of them using the mobile phone for the internet. If we take a better average then almost 9 out of 10 people in the world are connected to the internet via mobile phones and the rest two-thirds still like computers. The similar figures also present an important fact of how nearly 99% of social media users are also online on their mobile phones.

The Acceleration In Social Media Adoption

The report also shows that 450 million people started using social media in the last one year which is regarded as annual growth of more than 12% as well.

If we dive further deep then there were almost 14 people who started using social media every second and such acceleration is a record itself.

Much of the quarter or whole year’s success has happened because of COVID-19. The world had almost nothing to do and social media became that last savior to keep the world connected during the difficult times. However, while there has been an increase in the number of new internet users and unique mobile phone users as well in millions, these figures just won’t stop. In fact, social media and the internet is like any other addiction - once you become accustomed to it, you would never want to leave it. 

Screen Time Jumped Up

With more people using social media and the internet in general, the screen time also jumped up during the coronavirus lockdowns and there is some more latest data from GlobalWebIndex to show the change.

A normal internet user spent almost 7 hours per day between April and June 2020, which was one hour more in comparison to the last quarter. Furthermore, people now spend an average of almost 2½ hours per day on social media platforms.

These stats start to appear as more crazy when we aggregate them together to know that there were almost 10 billion hours per day spent using social media and that easily can also summarize up as 1 million years of human existence.

The world’s internet users also now spend 3½ hours on TV content every day and among that 1½ hours per day belonged to streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

Every Social Platform Saw Growth

This quarter has been the dream run of almost every other social media platform. Instagram saw the greatest number of new users in between the months of July and September 2020. The figures also turned out to be stronger than the growth of Facebook.

Moreover, Instagram’s advertising audience also jumped above 76 million in the last three months and now in the month of October, the total stands at 1.16 billion people.

On the contrary, Facebook’s global advertising audience only jumped by 45 million in the similar time period. But there is nothing to worry about for Facebook as the total advertising audience of the platform is 2.14 billion - twice the size of Instagram’s.

Instagram has a chance to beat WeChat as the platform with the world’s fifth-largest social media audience if it continues to grow at the similar pace till 2021. In fact, as reported by Tencent, Instagram growth is around 20 times faster than China’s top platform.

There is also Snapchat in the race that recently has had 16 million new users coming from India post the TikTok ban in the country. Twitter, too saw an impressive audience growth with 27 million users joining the platform - but still, those numbers haven’t been able to make up for the whopping loss of 61 million users for the company that happened during the last quarter.

Are we inching towards a time when the whole world would be online? Well, looking at the stats above it seems like the idea would become a reality very soon and marketers should get ready for more competition!

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