Pinterest Aims for Better Representation for Creators From Minority Groups

People that belong to racial, ethnic or religious minorities tend to be marginalized in ways that is difficult for privileged people to end up truly understanding. The fact of the matter is that this extends to minority members regardless of what they are trying to do in their lives, and the same goes for minority content creator as well due to the reason that they often end up being underrepresented so much so that people often don’t know about them in spite of the fact that they make such quality content on a regular basis.

Pinterest has decided to take up this cause to a certain extent, and this company is doing so by focusing on things like making it so that half of their managed creators would be from some kind of underrepresented or minority community. Companies with profiles on the platform would also be able to update their information so that they can tell Pinterest what communities and minorities are represented by their business so that the social media platform can feature these enterprises thereby making it easier for members of that minority to look into supporting other members of their community.

This is a great step taken by Pinterest, and it will most likely make a lot of creators eager to see where things go from here. One thing to note is that Pinterest is one of the few social media platforms that is truly trying to help people out by being ethical in their business practices, and the reason behind this is that could be that it sees that big companies are not pulling their own weight and that it can make a name for itself as an ethical and sensitive option that many more people are eventually going to end up being interested in.

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