A new study suggests that now a smaller number of people use ad blockers, but irrelevant ads remain a problem

A new study by AudienceProject has provided some interesting insights into the latest user behavior and their responses towards ads and ad-blocking products. Despite common belief and previous stats, in 2020, not many people are really using ad blockers, and the majority of people do not even find these ads to be annoying. So, advertisers have a good chance to target their audience with ads that may address their needs, because no one likes to see irrelevant ads popping out on every platform.

This study was based on data collected from US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

As for the ad blockers, around 41% of people in the US, 36% of the people in the UK, 48% in Germany, 27% in Denmark, 32% in Sweden, 31% in Norway, and 24% of people in Finland use these ad blockers.

Around three-quarters of users in these countries think that online ads are irrelevant to them. In the US and UK, 50% and 60% of the users find online ads not meeting their requirements, and 54% and 64% of people in Germany and Denmark feel the same. This percentage is quite high in Finland, with around 77% of the users finding online ads beyond relevant.

This a point of great importance for marketers and brands to look at their marketing aspects and prospects.

This study also addressed another point about how many people have a positive perception of a brand or business if it is advertised next to relevant and trustworthy content. In the US and UK, 37% and 41% of people have responded positively in terms of brand perception if they are placed next to or right after relevant content. This means that ad placement plays a key role in changing the perception of people towards different businesses and brands have a higher prospect of seeing more success if these ads are placed correctly on different online forums.

While discussing the topic of ad placement, this study highlighted that 47% of people in the US, 54% in the UK, 43% in Germany, 57% in Denmark and Sweden, 42% in Norway, and 47% of people in Finland respond negatively and get annoyed by online ads on websites.

On average, seven out of ten people get annoyed by online video ads. 79% of people in Denmark, 76% in Sweden, 72% in the UK, 70% in Finland, and 63% in the US, Germany, and Norway find video ads really annoying.

This is just a quick overview of how people in these countries and generally respond to various types of ads. This is a good place for marketers and advertisers to start making certain alterations in their marketing approaches from now on.

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