Study shows which gaming companies are using the influencer-marketing strategy the most

CreatorIQ, an influencer-marketing platform, analyzed thousands of sponsored posts from creators and influencers to discover which brands were appearing most in sponsored ads.

CreatorIQ examined two thousand seven hundred posts from one hundred and eighty creators and influencers from last month that were sponsored by gaming companies and found that Amazon-owned Twitch was the most advertised company appearing in four hundred and twenty-six sponsored ads from one hundred and thirty-one creators. This makes perfect sense as many of the most popular gamers used Twitch as their primary streaming platform making it extremely easy for Twitch to approach them and gave them advertise the streaming service in their YouTube and Instagram posts. This maximizes Twitch’s exposure and encourages more and more people to watch their favorite streamers and gamers in one place.

Twitch also has been setting up a new frontier to cater to all kinds of gaming or non-gaming audiences. Categories like “Just Chatting” enable gamers to interact with their followers or allow for a live radio show type of stream. Several YouTubers have also expanded to Twitch in an attempt to garner more subscribers and followers and be able to share more of their content in a new way.

Sony was a close second in the survey being featured in four hundred and twenty-three posts from one hundred and sixteen creators with most of the posts featuring the PlayStation. Nintendo, Nvidia, and Microsoft’s Xbox came after Sony respectively. This is surprising as the PlayStation and Xbox rivalry has been on-going for quite some time and the difference between the amount of sponsored ads is huge. Xbox was expected to either be equal to or at least be a close second to Sony but this is not the case. Xbox had only two hundred and thirty-eight posts compared with Sony’s four hundred and twenty-three.

Nintendo was featured in three hundred and sixty-one posts and Nvidia was featured in two hundred and forty-five posts. This constitutes the top five most heavily featured companies in sponsored ads in the last month.

CreatorIQ detected nineteen companies that were featured in sponsored ads. The top fifteen most featured companies were Twitch, Sony, Nintendo, Nvidia, Xbox, PUBG Corp., Steam, Tencent, Supercell, Activision, MoGi Group, 2K, Square Enix, Electronic Arts, and Bungle.

The fact that Electronic Arts was so low on the list is surprising as the company had two major multi-platform game releases, FIFA 21 and UFC 4, in October and one would think that the best way to advertise these new games would be through creators that are renowned for playing previous releases of the games.

This survey has been eye-opening and informative for creators looking to obtain sponsorships and for companies to increase their sponsored ads.

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