YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, Who is winning the live streaming race?

As per a recent study the public spent 7.5 billion hours of content which was live-streamed. The number of hours watched has increased by 92% since last year. The best part is that 91.1% of all these watch hours are from Amazon-owned Twitch. Basically, Twitch has the most share in the watch hours and it might be the best app in the for live-streaming videos.

The statistics provided by the StreamLabs show that 4741.4 million people spend time on Twitch which is almost 63.6% of the entire population while 1675.0 million people watch live-streamed content on YouTube Gaming live which is around 22.5% of the users and 1041.0 million people watched live content on Facebook which is only 14% of the population.

Although Twitch has more viewers still Facebook and YouTube are much better and ahead of it. Twitch has more viewers because it 10X unique channels than YouTube gaming and 50X better than Facebook so when we distinguish between hours watched per live stream Facebook and YouTube Gaming is doing much better as even with so much less content their hours watched is not too behind Twitch and if in future they will start producing unique content they will easily overcome Twitch.

Even though almost 206 million hours of the live stream was done on Twitch by the gamers and only 12.5 million of hours by YouTube Gaming and 7.6 million of hours by Facebook yet Twitch only has a lead of 2.5X over YouTube and 5X on Facebook.

It's a huge lead but not as huge as the difference between the number of hours streamed.

A calculation provided by StreamLabs showed the number of hours people spent on live-streaming videos.

A total of 23 hours was spent on Twitch, 132 hours on YouTube and 136 hours on Facebook. As per this study, Facebook was the most streamed in the third quarter of 2020. Not only this but Facebook also recently had over one billion hours view and YouTube also had a huge increase in the number of hours watched while Twitch only had a 14% increase in the hours watched.

As the year 2020 started the number of hours watched on Twitch started decreasing. Twitch lost 377 million watch hours The reason might be the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. While all other social media faced an increase in the number of watch hours, YouTube watch hour grew by 155 million and Facebook grew by 71 million hours.

Twitch is the biggest competitor for all apps which provide live-streaming but there are some other things as well which the company should look into.

Facebook Gaming has only 3690000 average view hours while YouTube has 759000 watch hours and both of them have nothing as compared to Twitch which has 2.15 million watch hours and even if they see the number of channels Twitch is still in benefit. At last, this study shows that in Future YouTube and Facebook has more chances of growing so the content creators are advised to change their platform.
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