Facebook’s new report highlights the new shifts in consumer behavior and points out how businesses can adapt to these changing dynamics

Facebook has recently published a report in collaboration with two consumer behavior experts, Jonathan Freeman and David Birch. This report looks into how the consumer behavior has changed especially during the COV-D-19 pandemic, and which trends are likely to carry forward in the post-pandemic world. This report also suggests how businesses, marketers and advertisers can use these changing demands into consideration to take their businesses on a more successful trajectory.

Basically, this report highlights several key points that revolve around the interactive behavior shifts in the consumers that have exacerbated during the pandemic. Some of the highlighted points of this report are as follows:

The connection between people became more virtual because of the pandemic, and this resulted in a shift towards more online meetups and events. More than 82% of people globally started playing multi-player video games because they enjoyed the way they all connect in the virtual world. This is also a form of escapism because outside, the real world is quite ruthless and brutal. But inside an immersive game, people find a way to escape their reality and enjoy communicating with others within the game too. The pandemic established this phenomenon further, and it seems that this trend will continue even when the pandemic is over.

Like video games, people started to resort to online video apps more during the pandemic.

Events that can be live-streamed in these online video games are another factor that is gripping the attention and interest of many of these people. For example, TikTok hosted a virtual concert, and Fortnite, a popular video game held some in-game events with big stars. So, these games and online video apps are not just a means of communication, they have also evolved into providing people with entertainment that they seek so badly. And this is a new trend that has emerged and can be taken into consideration by businesses for their future marketing purposes.

This report also suggests that as of now, seeing the current shift, brands should focus on building stronger communities by using the shared digital experiences of people as the base. This can help with improved engagement and more outreach.

Cashless payment methods are another rising trend. Since 2017, in the UK, payments through cards had taken over cash payments, but now, with a pandemic in which social distancing is highly recommended, nations that still used to have cash mode of payment have also started to shift towards cards and other means of in-app purchases. This is also a means to improve online shopping experiences for people and brands must consider this point too.

Regarding cashless payment, Facebook says that some messaging apps and other digital channels are introducing some really innovative ways to promote different modes of payment now.


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