Snapchat is determined to bring a LiDAR powered lens specifically for the new iPhone 12 models

Apple has recently launched its much-anticipated latest iPhone 12 models, including iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. As expected, the features are great, but one important feature that Apple has added this time is a new LiDAR Scanner.

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and this scanner is capable to measure the time that light takes to reach or fall on an object, and then reflect back.

This scanner will make the AR experience more immersive, and Snapchat has announced that it will be the first company to use this LiDAR Scanning technology in its iOS app for a specially designed LiDAR-powered lens.

The new iPhones have incorporated advanced machine-learning technology and the additional LiDAR scanner will basically make everything a lot better for the users. To put it simply, these features will make your iPhone capable to ‘think’ and ‘understand’ your surroundings, improve your photography experience by allowing low-light photography as it can practically ‘see through the darkness!’

As per Apple’s developers, this LiDAR technology can help the iPhone ‘see’ a depth map of the room you are in. This can help it create more immersive, spontaneous, and more profound AR experiences for you if you are looking up for AR shopping or AR gaming, or maybe for Home designing tools. By being able to gauge the depth map of the surrounding scene, your iPhone will be able to let you enjoy the amazing photo and video effects with the correct placement of AR objects in your media.

App developers may also use this LiDAR technology to make improvements in their AR apps. And Snapchat is looking to take a lead in the usage of this technology with its latest announcement. Apple is in complete accord with Snapchat’s plans and showed a video on the recent Apple event about Snapchat’s LiDAR- powered Lens and how it will function with iOS.

There are not many details known about Snapchat’s LiDAR- powered Lens, but the brief sneak peek that Apple shared in its event gives a glimpse of how awesome it is going to be.

Snapchat has not revealed exactly when this new Lens will roll out officially, but the company has mentioned that it is going to be up for iOS users of the latest iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max models pretty soon.

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