Reddit is Mass-Banning Users With IFTTT Integrations, No Warning (Update: Suspensions Reversed)

The acronym IFTTT stands for “If this, then that” which is derived from the programming conditional statement. The company of IFTTT provides a software that acts as a platform to connect devices, apps, services and websites from different developers so that a task can easily be completed on automatic basis. Whenever an update is triggered an automated response would be generated by IFTTT. It is both a mobile app and website which has launched following the slogan of “Put the internet to work for you”. With it you can almost connect and automate all your “services” that may also include Reddit.

On the other hand, Reddit is a famous discussion platform on the internet as it offers a collection of forums for people to share their views on news, debate, technology, literature and anything anyone can think of. The site claims to be “the front page on the internet” and this claim wasn’t pointless according to Alexa, in united states reddit is the sixth most famous site and 18th worldwide.

IFTTT main target is to provide an easy way to avoid using devices, services and apps by automating responses and one of the popular actions of IFTTT is to email when an update is triggered. IFTTT had announced recently about a subscription routes which indicates that applications for the free user of IFTTT would be limited and for user to have excess on all services a paid plan is offered. A very shocking incident happened within last 24 hours for IFTTT users as they got banned from Reddit with no apparent reasons. This incident that happened out of blue has strangely the same timing as that of IFTTT offering its pro plan which is odd because such functionality error has never been occurred before.

After the ban of IFTTT integration on Reddit, most of the affected users started complaining on Twitter and Reddit about receiving the message stating “permanently suspended for repeatedly breaking the rules”. It is a very startling fact that massive amount of users which have been banned use IFTTT for very simple things and daily keyword alerts which had nothing to do with whatsoever that could trigger anything related spam or fraud, some of the banned user who have accounts on both IFTTT and Reddit wasn’t even using the services of IFTTT actively. As the issue got more audience and became massive, the officials of reddit took notice and had promised on sorting the problem by restoring banned user’s account.

It is still unknown as what is the source of such enormous accident, Reddit officials claim this accident to be “erroneously” and also states that the company is looking forward in resolving the problem.

Reddit announced in a tweet and claimed that collective users of IFTTT and Reddit would soon have their accounts functioning again.

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