Google Just Made it Much Easier to Edit Audio on the Recorder App

The recorder app on any phone is going to be a highly essential tool for a lot of people to end up using. Musicians and journalists in particular can benefit from it, and a new update that Google has rolled out to the Recorder apps in its latest Pixel phones might just make it far easier for people to edit audio without having to upload the audio to a separate program where they would need a fair amount of audio engineering expertise to make it so that the audio is cut and edited in a more or less effective and efficient manner.

Now you will be able to go into the transcript of the audio that the app automatically generates and cut out whatever it is that you don’t need. Any changes to the transcription is going to end up applying to the audio as well if you so choose. This means that if you had been conducted some kind of an interview and there are a lot of bits that you don’t need or perhaps the person you are interviewing said something that you can’t post online due to privacy reasons or because of the fact that it was somehow politically incorrect, you can just delete it from the transcript and no longer have to worry about it being in the audio anymore.

This is a pretty serious leap forward when it comes to this kind of technology, and it might make a lot of people want to switch to a Pixel phone specifically for this kind of functionality especially when you consider that Google will be making many more changes like this in the future. This feature isn’t available in older Pixel models but chances are that it will end up being added there as well to boost their value.

Via: Google blog.

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