The rate of content consumption immensely increased during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire world. This pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. At the start of this pandemic, the public was excited as they were getting a long vacation but this happiness was short-lived, and eventually, people got bored by sitting at home. During this time most of the public spent their times on social media.

As per DoubleVerify study, the average screen time of people increased by 50%. As per the study number of people using social media, news/websites and streaming service daily, increased by 47%. 45% more people started watching TV, and the number of people playing video/mobile games increased by 39%. As the entire world was in a strict lockdown all types of schools and workplaces were closed hence people did not have any job but to scroll through social media.

Before this pandemic, the average screen time that people had was around 3 hours or a maximum of 4 hours not more than that, but ever since this March 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic commenced the average screen time increased to 7 to 8 hours which is really unhealthy for a person.

When the researchers asked the public about the reason behind the increased screen time, they responded that it might be because of the online classes and online office work, although it might be true. But the increased number of time spent on Social media is also there.

The main apps contributing to the increased screen time are Netflix, Hulu and Peacock, as these apps show TV shows which rarely feature on the television hence people use these apps on mobile phones.

The most used app in 2020 is YouTube the number of hours people using YouTube increased by 43%. The second most used app is TikTok. People of every age used TikTok but mostly people lying between the age of 18-24 used TikTok in 2020.

Recently US President Donald Trump appreciated TikTok and because of that, the number of TikTok users increased by a million along with that around 20000 new people downloaded this app.

The number of people using Connected Television (CTV) apps varies from age to age. The highest percentage of people using CTV devices lies between the age of 25-35 that is 52%. Meanwhile, the lowest number of users are people who are aged above 65 that is 24% of the entire population.

Another reason for increased screen time is that most of the CTV devices are free or cheap to use. 55% of people say that they will stop using YouTube if it becomes paid. Similarly, the public believes that these apps are promoting their businesses without any fake news that is why we should use them. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the mental health of almost everyone but psychologist believe that the increase in screen time improves people's mental health issue as they are engaged in something instead of overthinking.

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