Pakistan Telecom Authority decided to unban TikTok after the company promised to remove the unlawful content

TikTok an app that is popular worldwide has been facing a lot of problems these days. TikTok recently reveled that it has over 680 million users. During the year 2020 TikTok has been pressurized a lot by different countries, and some countries even threatened to ban this app. US President Donald Trump also threatened to ban TikTok because of privacy concerns.

On 29 June 2020 India banned TikTok because of producing immoral and immodest content, and on 9 October Pakistan also banned TikTok because of the quality of the content. As the content produced by TikTokers was against the policies of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and even after a lot of warnings by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) no action was taken to stop the indecent content as it was banned.

However, on 19 October 2020 just ten days after the ban the telecom authorities of Pakistan decided to remove the ban as the TikTok officers in Pakistan promised to block and delete all the accounts which post content that is against the rules and regulations of the country. As per a statement provided by TikTok, it will only moderate the account as per the local laws of the country. This promise was made during a meeting with the officers of the PTA.

Although this promise was made just after the ban was imposed still it was not made official and the people of Pakistan were unable to use this app. A TikTok spokesperson even stated that they are trying very hard to make this work and the company was disappointed because PTA didn't confirm anything to the users. He even stated that the company kept on convincing the Telecommunication authorities of Pakistan to unban the app.

TikTok has 20 million monthly active users in Pakistan, and this ban badly affected the revenues of the company. Hence TikTok decided to convince the PTA to lift the ban. People of Pakistan were also a big fan of TikTok as in 2020 it was the most downloaded app and it even left Facebook and Whatsapp behind. PTA while banning TikTok also stated that they will remove the ban if the company agrees to remove the unlawful content.

Even though the company has agreed to remove the content but there still are a lot of privacy concerns and it is said that users' data is at risk because of TikTok's connection with Chinese company ByteDance. But recently, TikTok denied having any data-relationship with the Chinese government and even confirmed that the user's private data is not risked while using this Application.

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