TikTok reveals the actual numbers of users in the US and rest of the world along with stats showing its growth since 2018

TikTok is going through a rough phase and it is already banned in India, while it's in the process of getting banned in some other countries. Recently, the US President Donald Trump issued ultimatums to TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, that if it does not sell off TikTok’s US operations by 12th November, the app will get banned in the US and all the business with ByteDance will come to an end too. Not only this, but the US government has also filed a class-action lawsuit against the company by accusing them of invasively collecting American users’ data and giving it to the Chinese government.

TikTok had been trying to negate all these accusations, but now the company also has sued to block the US ban, and in the process, it has recently revealed the actual number of American as well as global users. This is the first time that TikTok has taken such a stand.

In this filing, TikTok revealed that in January 2018, the number of monthly active American users was 11,262,970. After one year, in February 2019, TikTok managed to gain 26,739,143 monthly active American users.

By October 2019, the number had reached 39,897,768. Then in June 2020, the number had gone up to 91,937,040 monthly active American users.

And this is not where it stops. In August 2020, the number of these American users has surpassed 100 million and it is still increasing as of today! As per the company’s stats, there are more than 50 million daily active users in the US alone.

This means that TikTok has seen growth by almost 800% since January 2018.

Apart from the US, on a global level, TikTok has also experienced tremendous growth. In January 2018, the monthly active users were 54,793,729. By December 2018, this number had reached 271,188,301.

After one year, in December 2019, the monthly active global users were calculated to have reached 507,552,660. In July 2020, this number had further increased and had reached 689,174,209 (i.e.: 689 million).

In August 2020, as of now, the app has crossed 2 billion global downloads with almost 700 million global monthly active users in July 2020.

Now, these are some huge statistical figures, and it is hard to believe that such a massively popular app can get banned in a region where it has so many users. And how will those American users react to the ban, that is another question that only time can answer!

Hat Tip: CNBC.

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