Facebook to Start Displaying Marketplace Promos on News Feed?

It goes without saying that e-commerce has become a big deal in the current age. This has prompted social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to test and roll out unique e-commerce features to keep up with the changing consumer behavior. In 2016, Facebook introduced “Marketplace” to help its users buy and sell items to fellow users.

Facebook is adamant about making its users aware of Marketplace and this might be the reason behind the social networking giant’s latest approach. As per renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra, Facebook has started displaying promos on the News Feed that encourage users to browse their nearby Marketplace listings.

Navarra attached a screenshot to his tweet to give us a better glimpse at one of these promos. And it turns out that it’s something that Facebook users should expect to see in the near future if they aren’t seeing these promotional cards already since most of the comments on Navarra’s post indicate that the feature has been active for quite some time now.

Have you recently spotted a similar promo on your Facebook News Feed? There’s no denying that Marketplace can help sellers meet the right buyers and if Facebook wants to get maximum eyes on it, more power to it!

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