TikTok Starts Labeling Misleading Content

Misinformation is the sort of thing that is bound to end up becoming some kind of a problem for a social media platform that is growing as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that the platform should just accept it, though. Rather, concrete steps should ideally end up being made that are going to ensure that misinformation and fake news ends up decreasing until a point comes when the vast majority of users of a platform might just be able to make it so that they can trust any content that they end up seeing at the end of the day.

TikTok’s rise has made it the epicenter of a lot of misinformation, and this has lead to a lot of criticism of the platform. In spite of the fact that Facebook and other platforms have a far greater problem in this regard, TikTok has been notoriously casual about its policies and this has led to the criticism being levied at it being somewhat greater than what other platforms have to end up facing at any given point in time.

In order to prevent this from being too much of an issue in the future, TikTok has started to look into adding labels and the like to posts that clearly contain some form of misinformation. This will help people that are watching this sort of thing to realize that whatever it is that they are looking into right now might not provide them with information that is true to what is actually going on in the world.

Steps like this are essential as platforms get larger than ever before and as more and more people start to communicate through them. A lot of people use social media as their primary source of information which is why labels such as this one which have already become commonplace on Facebook and Twitter need to be implemented immediately.

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