Messenger’s Watch Together Gets New Content From Major Studios and Distributors

Facebook was one of the first companies to end up trying to capitalizing on changes in consumer habits due to the covid-19 pandemic. Part of this was a way to push Messenger as an exclusive app which was important because of the fact that the app had been lagging behind WhatsApp for a long time and this might have contribute to Facebook’s decision to acquire WhatsApp. The Watch Together feature that Messenger now has a lot of users, and during a period of lockdown where no one could really do all that much on a day to day basis this new feature turned out to be a real hit if you think about it.

It turns out that things are going to get even more serious for the service, with major film studios and distributors like Warner Bros and Sony offering new content for the service. This will greatly expand what people can watch, and when you also factor in some of the more community based elements of the feature such as the fact that it allows people to watch things together then you might start to understand the sort of appeal that a service like this has the potential to provide.

The new content that is coming to the service is actually pretty high in quality. Critically acclaimed films such as Fruitvale Station as well as Reservoir Dogs are now going to be available, and it is important to note that highly popular TV shows such as Community, which has long been a favorite for people looking for something to binge watch, are also coming to the service.

All in all this indicates that Facebook is really moving forward in earnest when it comes to Watch Together, and there is a chance that the social media platform might be trying to compete with Netflix in this regard.

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