Facebook Introduces Centralized Location for Cross App Management

Facebook has been under lots of pressure for quite some time now, but in spite of the fact that this is the case the social media juggernaut has managed to continue expanding to the point where the company has now introduced a new feature that would make it easier to manage multiple accounts on different platforms that Facebook owns. This new feature is an accounts center that you can find on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram as well as WhatsApp and it is a tool that is meant to make it so that users can enjoy the interconnected ecosystem that is being created without having to switch too many apps too frequently.

Single sign on is one feature that Facebook has been trying to push, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the social media platform wants to make it so that you are only using one set of credentials in order to sign into virtually anything that’s out there. The Accounts Center is probably going to make it easier to opt in or out of this feature. Multiple posts are also going to be facilitated, with a good example of this being seen in Stories. You will now be able to post Stories to both Instagram as well as Facebook at the same time, something that can vastly improve the user experience.

Perhaps the most important reason why Facebook has created an account center has to do with Facebook Pay. The social media company wants to invest heavily in the ecommerce sector, and pushing its own payment platform is a big part of that. While Facebook might never be able to launch its own currency, Facebook Pay is something that could very well become quite popular in the future and the social media platform will be eager to use any means necessary to give it the push it needs.

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