Linkedln's 4 new features are going to be really useful for users by providing them with a safe and professional environment

LinkedIn a networking app with over 700 million registered users has gotten really popular these days. It is a platform designed for businesses to promote their work or to hire employees.

On 29 September LinkedIn launched 4 new features to give its users a quality experience. This app was launched in 2003 but every year they bring new updates to improve its platform. Following are the new features provided by LinkedIn in a new update.

1. LinkedIn will now notify you about the removal of content which you reported.

While scrolling through LinkedIn we come across things or posts which are against the policies of the app. 35% of the users are most likely to report the content which is harmful to the users, while others might ignore it or they must have not comes across it. After people report the content they do not know what happened with whether it was removed or not. In this new update now people who have reported a certain post will get a notification informing them about the removal of content, and in case if they remove a content which was publicly fine they will have a second look at it and restore it. This new feature is launched in the US, France and Canada, and it will be launched in other countries soon.

2. Remind you on how to make the platform a better place.

LinkedIn is an app with users from all around the world. Often because of enmity amongst the nations people start fighting amongst themselves. To avoid this quarrel LinkedIn has updated their Professional Community policies. You can read these new policies by clicking on a small message saying 'Join us in keeping LinkedIn respectful and professional... Learn more' when you log in. This link will take you on the policies which will guide you on how to respectful amongst each other.

3. Reporting of inappropriate messages.

LinkedIn cares about their users, recently a lot of people were facing Harassment on LinkedIn which made many people stop using this app but in today's update, LinkedIn launched a new feature which provides a warning sign above the messages. The users can decide if they would like to keep the message, reply to it or report it. if the user reports it the IT team will have a look at it and will take an action against the person who sent the message.

4. Better Professional Community policies to avoid bad and bring out good

LinkedIn ensures a safe place to its users it gives people a place where they can confidently showcase their professions confidently. LinkedIn brought its new policies to let the people know about the consequences of harassment, bullying or racism.

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