Instagram's new test will let users view the information of sponsoring accounts and extended timeframe to view insights for a month now

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer keeps sharing inside information about upcoming features on various apps. Recently, he posted some interesting updates from Instagram in two of his tweets that he shared on Twitter.

The first update is that Instagram is reported to be working on a new possibility that will let the users view the information of the account that sponsored a Story.

Paluzzi also shared a screenshot with the tweet to further elaborate on the prospect. The image showed that under the name of the sponsoring account, a brief meta-description type of information is given which gives a very short but precise introduction about the sponsor, and then under this section, the date on which this account joined Instagram will be mentioned. Under the date, the location where the sponsor is based will be provided. All the information has proper icons for a quick review.

The second update from Instagram that Paluzzi posted about is related to the Stories Insights. As we all know, Stories Insights is a means to measure the engagement rate and reach of Regular and Promoted Stories on Instagram. A Story expires after 24 hours, but Instagram lets the users view the insights of past Stories for up to seven days after they are created.

However, now it seems that Instagram is working on a possibility to let the users view the insights of past Stories for up to 30 days.

Paluzzi shared a screenshot with this tweet also, and it showed the Insights’ interface and the information it provides. Users can see how many followers they gained in the past one week, and they can see the number and percentage of accounts they managed to reach, their total content interactions, their total number of followers, etc. They can choose a Timeframe for which these insights about past Stories will be available. Previously, it only had the option of 7 days, but now, it seems that Instagram is going to give the users the option to select 30 days too.

Let us wait patiently for the official rollout of these features on Instagram.
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