New Instagram Reels Audio Updates Make It Seem Even More Like a TikTok Clone

Instagram was once sitting pretty at the top of the social media heap, but all of that changed when TikTok first came about. Instagram was forced to change its strategy, and part of this involved the creation of Instagram Reels which offers basically exactly the same sort of thing that TikTok has but possibly provides the benefit of users not having to use multiple accounts in order to end up making certain types of content.

Instagram was instrumental in the decline of Vine since the social media platform started offering features that Vine first originated, and it also managed to take up a lot of Snapchat’s market share by copying its Stories feature. This means that the platform might just be poised to complete a hat-trick of copied features from up and coming social media platforms in the name of competitiveness.

Three new options are being added to Reels, all of which seem to be dedicated to making the user experience more or less identical to what users would be able to take advantage of if they had been using TikTok. The first of these options involves the ability to save sounds that you have created, something that would be of great interest to a wide variety of content creators on the platform.

Users will also now be able to share multiple Reels over DM as long as each of the Reels possess a consistent bit of audio that was used during the process of creating them. A search function is also being added that would simplify the process by which users would be able to locate certain pieces of audio that they might be thinking of using in their own Reels at any given point in time. This search feature will also allow users to locate Reels that have also used the same audio.

Whether or not these changes will help Reels compete with TikTok remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that the platform has a reputation as a competitor killer and Facebook will be trying its best to use its subsidiary in such a manner without a shadow of a doubt.
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