Google Redesigns Gmail Logo With Its Traditional Color Palette

Finally, the time has come for the iconic Gmail envelope to go away as Google has just introduced the new design of the logo that is making the free mailing service platform look very much in line with the company’s other range of products.

The new Gmail logo is a sole M made up of the same predominant red, small touch of yellow, blue, and green colors that comprises the identity of Google. However, according to a user study conducted by Fast Company, it seems like people aren’t really happy with the envelope being replaced.

Furthermore, there have been opinions coming from the users that have helped Google understand how the envelope wasn’t a very critical design element, and therefore, we can expect the design team to do more tweaks in the coming days, along with adding the traditional color palette to the M as well.

Now if you put the logos of all the products of Google side by side then you won’t see a major difference between Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and Gmail in terms of material design theme and visual unity. To make things look even more identical, Google has also changed the looks of Calendar, Docs, Meet, and Sheets logos just to ensure that all the associated tools compliment well with the new logo of Gmail itself.

By going for this broad redesign strategy, Google is actually making the rebranding of Google Workspace happen from the old G Suite software. So soon, you will also see the company merging Gmail, Chat, and Docs into one place - all with the hope of providing users an alternate integrated option pretty much like the way Microsoft Office and Outlook email makes it happen.
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