Microsoft Rebrands Bing with New Logo, Colors and Name

While Microsoft has managed to become the single biggest company in terms of operating systems and software that the vast majority of users can take advantage of on a regular basis, and the company has also managed to become a big contender for the top spot in the video game console industry as well. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that Microsoft has lagged well behind Google in two major areas, those two being web browsers and search engines.

The Bing search engine has been frequently ridiculed as being something that no one wants to use, but with criticisms against and suspicions of Google mounting each year, Microsoft is apparently trying to seize the opportunity to supplant the tech giant and take away some of its massive market share. Microsoft appears to be trying to do this first and foremost by rebranding Bing.

The search engine is now going to be called Microsoft Bing, something that the tech giant is undoubtedly hoping would help to raise its profile at least a little bit. Perhaps even more effective than that would be the new logo that Bing has gotten. The old logo was quite unpleasant to look at and just made Bing seem like the kind of search engine that no one would want to use. The new logo, on the other hand, has much more inviting colors and it makes the search engine look friendly and welcoming which is something that Google is starting to struggle with as of late.

Now, this probably won’t be enough to completely topple Google’s supremacy in the search engine game. Still, this is something that indicates that Microsoft is not giving up on its search engine, and users that have become disillusioned by Google’s practices might now start to see Bing as a viable alternative.

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