Gmail prepares an in-app form to let users opt-out of personalization features

When it comes to email service, most of us rely on Gmail as a trusted and free resource for day-to-day communication.

And it is thanks to Gmail’s massive user base that Google is able to collect large amounts of data on our email habits.

Yes, just like (almost) any tech company, Google also collects data from our Gmail use and utilizes the same data to show us more targeted ads. They also use this data to improve their services and introduce features that can be helpful in streamlining the user’s email experience.

Another integration that Google has made via data collection is cross-product information sharing. For example, sending you an alert regarding hotel reservations through Google Maps or Assistant reminding you of your bills – are all done through cross-product information sharing.

However, with privacy concerns on the rise, Google may soon allow users to opt-out of cross-product information sharing. Up until now, users had to turn off all the integrations manually by going to the settings of each individual app. But looks like Gmail is preparing to add a form that will make it easier to opt-out of the integration.

The form will also inform the users about various ‘smart’ features that Gmail encompasses. Users will also be allowed to choose whether they would like to continue using the smart features or not.

The version 2020.09.20 of the Gmail app is available on the Google Play Store. The updated version of app contains strings that suggest there will be in-app forms for the users to opt-in or opt-out – according to their preference.

Some of the strings suggest that ‘smart features’ of Gmail will be turned off at the end of this year by default unless the user opts back in.


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