Google Introduces A New Jacquard Backpack By Collaborating With Samsonite

As Google is more focused on introducing new forms of ambient computing with every passing day, the company has been able to surprise the world with smart TVs, speakers, and a lot of other connected technology. They even went one step further by stepping into the world of clothing with their Project Jacquard in 2015 when they produced jackets with Levi and even made digital shoe insoles with Nike. But now Google is planning to go on an even bigger level!

According to recent developments, Google has made two bags in its latest collaboration with Samsonite that are set at low-prices so that normal people can actually buy them unlike the $995 Saint Laurent one.

Google’s new Jacquard backpack starts at $199 but the features built inside it justify this relatively lower price tag.

The backpacks come water-proof in two different models; Konnect-i Slim and the “standard” size. Both of them are power-packed with the Jacquard sensor in the left strap, and because of it you can also expect them to perform different configurable actions right by brushing up and down or double-tapping. Furthermore, there is also an LED light on the strap which will light up according to the alerts that you would like to receive on the bag.

Samsonite and Google’s “Konnect-i Slim” model is for the similar price of $199, whereas buying the “Standard” size would cost $20 extra. There is no difference in material and design is also almost identical (except for a few small changes).

Google announced the Jacquard backpack with a weird ad and there is a high chance that not many people would be into buying a smart backpack. But nevertheless, this seems to be an incremental update in the kind of products that we can expect the Jacquard platform of Google to deliver in times to come.

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