Google Maps users will soon be able to know how crowded a route is

Now a days, after the lift of lockdown which was caused because of COVID-19, Google has rolled out a new update on Google map which would aid people all around the world to avoid busy places to maintain social distancing.

This new feature was not only developed to help people in pandemic but on normal days too, where users of Google map beforehand know which place and routes are more overloaded than the other. From the information provided by Google Maps, users will be able to decide where to go and where not to go.

According to new update of Google Maps, this feature allows its users to have an idea regarding how busy a road is, in terms of traffic.

Google maps has already launched Business Indicator a while ago, this indicator has the ability to let its user know that how many number of people are present at a particular place and this feature also facilitates its users by comparing current number of people at place with normal number of people at that particular place at that day and time.

For users to take advantage of this feature, user needs to click on the specific desired location where user wants to go, that is listed on Google maps to find busyness indicator. This new update is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

Earlier Google hosted a program called Search on Event. In that program Google has enlightened some of the newest updated features of Google search and Google maps and other products like Assistant.

Later on, that event head of Google Search and Assistant, Prabhakar Raghavan, explained that soon Google maps will directly show busyness indicator on it.

Google map will allow its user to use this new feature which indicate the busyness on the desired place. This feature will put indicators under the wanted location name which will let its user know about the crowdedness of the location. Following are some of the indicators which are used by Google maps are given below:
  • Busier than usual
  • As busy as it gets
Google maps by using its crowdedness prediction feature which aid its users to understand whether to evade making plans for visiting a place depending upon how crowded or not a place is, this feature will help its user to make plan accordingly to maintain a suitable social distancing and to avoid rush.

Google states that soon they would provide a busyness indicator that would tell its users how crowded the place is while navigating towards that location.

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