The new AR 3D experience of car models on Google search is just around the corner and few touches away

Google has unveiled a new update on its new "Search on” virtual event that has been introduced this week for highlighting its new updates. This update calls for a 3D design of the car’s models that is a 360-degree angled representation of both inside and out. It aims to provide the perfect view before getting your hands on one, all in the comfort of your homes. It can be useful for the people who are probing around for their favorite car models during social distancing measures, evading the problem of stepping out to check out a product.

It is important to note here that this feature is not new. Yet Google is planning to bring this 3D presenting version with a significant change along with other incredible features in contrast to the previous AR supported 3D animals and trending technologies.

Google, in a blog post, has claimed its aim to begin this search upgrade from the US with the Volvo and Porsche car models. It further states that they are also working to bring forward the diverse range of car models on the Google search with the time. This upgrade will soon be available to all the users present all over the world.

This AR tech feature of Google is the same as that of the previous one available for other objects and animals. However, Google intends to bring this up with the most advanced features and easy to use. You can search for your favorite car model in the Google search, and you are ready to view its customized 3D version.

It offers you to change the color to your desired one, rotate, check out the material of the internal tools, to name some with just the magic of your fingers. You can also zoom in and out to note the intricate detailings either from inside or outside. This AR tech updated version also proffers you to place your aspired car model on your favorite background, either is your parking lot, driveway, or another specific setting of your likings.

This Google Search AR tech will be available to everyone and on every device irrespective of the latest version anytime soon. It is a magnificent update of Google to try out as it is still unbelievable to get such features or virtual experience from the search engines.

This newly announced update will let you check the different models of the cars with the help of AR (Augmented Reality), checking out in detail and more intrinsically all without especially going to the showrooms. This feature marks the innovation in the AR field of technology, making the consumers think about what is next.

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