Google plans to revive back the full AR supported Live view to Maps

Google has recently announced during its virtual event that they are upgrading its live view feature on Google Maps. It makes it evident that Google is trying its best to accommodate AR perfectly in its applications.

This new feature aims to provide significant data related to the places you point out. You only have to search for the desired location or click on it, and a floating pin will pop up over the places marking which place is for which purpose and of what type. It also tells the status of the store. You can also point out the camera on your aspired shop or restaurant to view the ratings, or it is busy or not, or solely find out exactly where you are standing in the big city to get clear guidance.

The Live view feature can accommodate the startups or small businesses to market their products as it also provides the contact numbers, reviews, and other important information related to the specific place, highlighting every detail for the future. The AR navigation intends to find out the nearby locations and places surfacing all the vital information. Live view presently leads you to find your potential partner anywhere anytime rather than searching manually for long.

This Augmented reality-based Live view is all ready to portray its potential at the most crucial time when even GPS leaves you all alone. It can provide a visual understanding of the routes along with the requisite data about the places. It can specifically be helpful in the areas that have several turns and intricate places. The directing arrows also point to the other places that you pass passing to accommodate the best, especially while touring.

The AR-based Live view will be accessible by sharing the location and then calibrating it live for anything you are searching around. You have to type in the place location you want to visit and tap on the directions option to allow it to move forward. Don’t forget to click on the Live view button near the Start option before beginning with your journey. However, currently, it is only available for walking, so you have to click on the walking navigation to get the most of the live view. It only needs access to your live location and camera to proceed. This new update can be a wonderful addition to Google Maps.

Google has stated that they are rolling this feature for all the google supportive devices irrespective of operating systems and models. It will be functional anytime soon for the users all over the world with the possible bug fixes also.

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