Google Chrome's new Link-to-text feature allows you to link particular text on a website

On 17 June 2020 Google launched a new Chrome extension, by the help of which you can easily link a part of the text. Before this new feature was announced it was really difficult for people to share information amongst each other and they had to read the entire story in order to find the part of the story which was important for them. When this feature was launched it was only available in the form of an extension, now however, TD reports that they have added this new functionally to Chrome as a built-in feature.

Now the users with Chrome Canary can enable this feature. They can right-click on selected text to find an option which says copy link to text, and the part of their story will be copied as a link in their clipboard. This new feature is only available on Chrome Canary on macOS, Chrome OS, Windows, Linux and version 80+ of Chromium-based browsers. We hope that soon it will available to all types of Chrome browsers.

A few years back, linking a part of a story was still available but under the hashtags provided by the website and not all websites provided hashtags. Basically, all the users had to do was to add a specific hashtag at the end of the links URL but it was only possible if the site developers tagged their websites. With this, the users had to do a lot of efforts but now it has become really easy for them to link a portion of an article from the web.

This new feature has eased our lives even further. You can visit chrome://flags/#copy-link-to-text and after this, you will get an option to enable this new feature. After enabling this feature user will have access to it after restarting their browser.

Before this update users used to send screenshots of the websites to each other which was a bit difficult for others to read and it was impossible for them to find related references on the story.

These links help us in sharing the web pages for efficiently. Users will not have to install sophisticated software or extension to highlight the important lines on blogs. while sharing. Instead, they can just send the link and people will easily have access the content. Often while reading a story or an article on Google we come across something funny or something we would like to share amongst people. We can now easily send a link of the selected passage to our friends.

Via: TD.

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