Google is Now Publishing Lists of Android OEMs with Software Vulnerabilities

Android phones are made in such a way that there are a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs, that create important components for phones that are being shipped out. Virtually every major tech company takes part in this, but Google is a company that has come under a lot of fire for not being able to keep its users as safe as they might initially want to be. This is something that can have a widespread negative impact on the internet in general, which means that Google needs to start taking these security threats seriously, something that the tech giant has more or less been doing of late.

Starting with the Android Security Rewards Program as well as the Google Play Security Rewards Program, both of which show vulnerabilities that are compiled into Android Security Bulletins that are then resolved in patches that are rolled out on a monthly basis, Google is now pushing this practice even further with the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative.

This will involve the team responsible for Android security checking out all OEMs that partner with Google and other Android phone manufacturers and making it so that critical flaws in their components are pinpointed. Google is clearly trying to make a public effort to reduce the frequency of such things happening, and as a result of the fact that this is the case the tech giant will be releasing a list that has the names of all of the manufacturers that were responsible for a vulnerability.

Each vulnerability that is discovered will be listed separately along with the name of the manufacturer. This might just be a good way for Google to ensure that problems occur far less frequently than might have been the case otherwise, as manufacturers would not want their names on such a list as it would result in quite a bit of negative publicity.

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