Facebook seems to be working on adding a 'close friend' like inclusion list for Stories

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile app researcher recently shared a tweet on Twitter, which shows that Facebook seems to be working on adding an ‘Inclusion list’ for Facebook Stories.

Paluzzi shared two screenshots as well, which further shows how this feature is probably going to be like. One of the pictures shows a prompt that says that users may not want to share every story with just everyone on their friends' list. So, they can now create a list of specific people and choose to share stories with them only.

This feature sounds very similar to the ‘close friend’ feature on Instagram, which was introduced in 2018. And it proved to be a ‘Godsend’ because of its various benefits.

Previously, when users wanted to hide some Stories of theirs from specific people amongst their followers on Instagram, they had to go on the settings of Stories and block those people first before sharing. Later, when they wanted to post some other Story that did not need any privacy, they had to go back to the Stories settings to unblock those people.

So, it was quite tedious to keep a tab of blocking and unblocking, and Instagram realized this problem and released the ‘close friend’ feature. It allows users to include their close and trusted friends in one list. When they want to share some private content in their Stories, they can choose to share it with the list of their close friends only, without worrying about blocking and unblocking people again.

Now, it seems that Facebook has also realized the ease this feature brings for the users on Instagram, and that is why they are also bringing it for Facebook Stories now.

It is not known when this feature will officially roll out, and for how long it is going to remain in the testing phase. Let us just hope to have it soon on Facebook!

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