Facebook’s Portal Ecosystem Now Has Netflix and Zoom Compatibility

Facebook’s foray into the world of consumer electronics has been quite interesting to see for a wide variety of reasons, and for the most part Portal devices have proven to be quite useful. They are particularly great if you are thinking of streaming something for some light entertainment, but at the end of the day in spite of the fact that you had things like Amazon Prime to take advantage of, watching shows online is pretty much not going to be all that much fun until and unless you have access to Netflix, and the great news here is that Facebook has announced that Portal users are now going to have Netflix access on their various devices.

Not only will Netflix now be available but at the same time it is important to note that Portal devices will now have a dedicated Netflix button on their remote controls. This can provide easy access for a lot of people, something that you are most likely going to be quite happy about since having to go through lots of different settings before being able to make the most of whatever it was that you were trying to watch can be a real hassle and you probably don’t really want to end up going through it all in all at the end of the day.

Another new service that is being added to Portal is Zoom, and Facebook is making it so that doing a Zoom call through a Portal device will provide you with lots of different benefits that you might not have been able to get from anywhere else if you think about it. One feature that you would be getting on Zoom for Portal has to do with the number of participants, with Zoom for Portal allowing a video call of up to 25 participants to end up being performed.

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