Google's latest update has made it easier for people to read stories online

Google has always been working hard to satisfy the users and is bringing out new and better updates every now and then.

These new updates are making our lives super easy.

Recently, Google launched a feature through which web stories are taken by publishers and are concerted into video or images.

Whenever we think about the word stories a lot of different things come in our minds. We might think about a number of images full of words or many long textual slides and we would think about a lot of new information up till now we used to think about stories like that but soon Android and iOS will come up with a new update which will change our perception about stories and entertain the users.

Google has been experiencing and testing new web stories for many weeks but hasn't made anything official until this week when the company had a meeting and made a team of 34 publications which also included The Dodo, Vice and Americas test kitchen and asked them to be the first ones to bring out the series of stories. Websites will have the entire control on the content they are producing even the internal sponsorship will be in their hands.

This new feature is available to almost all countries. These web stories are published in the format of a magazine with bolded headlines just by clicking on the headlines the users can experience web stories there will be either moving pictures or still. This feature has made it really easy for users to read stories online. Users will not have to buy expensive magazines and storybooks to read stuff as it will be available for free on Google. Users can just swipe right to get a new story instead of waiting for hours to buy it or to search for it.

Users can find web stories on the Discover section on their Google applications. Users can even search for web stories as around 2000 websites already have web stories if not many at least they will have one web story on their website. It basically also depends on what genre you are looking for. People can easily find web stories on DIY videos or current affairs but to find a web story on information which was available years ago will be difficult.

All the famous or none famous publishers who have actively worked with media will be able to make web stories through apps like NewsroomAI, WordPress and MakeStories. The publishers will also be allowed to make web stories through any other app or they can even use their own app for it.

Currently, Web stories are rolling out in the U.S, Brazil and India and it is expected to grow further in other countries as well.
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