Google introduced many new features along with Google Workspace which was formally known as G suite

In todays world it is very difficult for people to have an equilibrium between their personal and professional life, for having a successful and promising future, individuals work very hard and dedicate most of their time to work which means they also have very limited time to spend with their loved ones.

Now a days it is extremely challenging for people to maintain and manage social connections more than ever. To counter all these challenges and for aiding people to have a flourishing future in progressively digitalize world, Google has given the solution in the form of Google Workspace.

Google is rebranding G suite, and it will now be known as Google Workspace has everything in it in one place that an individual would need for getting anything done.

Google Workspace comprises of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many others. It was also announced by Google about Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Meet for having four-color icons.

Along with the announcement regarding rebranding of G suite to Google Workspace, three main developments were also introduced.

New User Experience: Google said earlier in July that they would be launching a tool which could be able to use for collaboration and communication collectively such as voice and video calling, chat, email, and content management and collaboration in to one place for the easement of the employees. This tool of Google Workspace is available for paying customers.

Google has already launched guest access feature for their business users in Chat and Drive but now within few weeks they will launch guest access feature in a chat room where users will be able to dynamically create and collaborate on document.

For people to see and hear each other while working and collaborating, Google has already launched the feature of Meet picture-in-picture to Chat and Gmail but in few months this feature would be introduced in Slides, Sheets and Docs.

New Brand Identity: Formerly Google app when first developed, they were considered to be distinct and works individually for a certain task but as the time passes and the work dimensions of the app starting to overlap with each other, the developers of Google apps initiated to built such features which could sync their works and make it more connected and flexible. By considering this Google launched Google Workspace which show more connectivity among different app and to reflect same connectivity for icons, they will be making new icons.

New Ways To Get Started: Google Workspace Offers aid to their business users depending upon the level of their business, for instance Google offers fast and self-serviced purchases for small business users while they offers more technical assistance for bigger business users in their deployment cycles.

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