Google Chrome for Android Gets Enhanced Protection Feature

In an attempt to make it so that its vast user base can end up feeling a bit safer on the web, Google has added an Enhanced Protection setting for Chrome on desktops, and the great news that everyone should be paying attention to here has to do with the fact that this setting is now coming to Chrome for Android as well. This is in many ways an extension of Safe Browsing, making this setting far more capable of defending against attacks to provide users with the highest level of security possible.

Users can play with this experimental feature by enabling these two flags “Safe Browsing Enhanced Protection on Android” and “Security Section on Android” from chrome://flags page. After doing this just reset the browser and toggle Enhanced Protection on. Once you have enabled this setting, you would be able to use it to ensure that any URL that you are about to visit would be checked to make sure that it does not lead anywhere suspicious. What’s more is that you would get immediate warnings if your password ends up being compromised or if any other system breaches end up occurring at any given point in time.

One thing that people might want to take note of is that this enhanced safety setting is going to end up making it so that Google would start obtaining a lot more data from you than might have been the case otherwise. This is done so that more information can be obtained about where you are going on the internet as well as what those sites might contain to make sure that no matter what happens your security is not breached without a shadow of a doubt. Some would not appreciate this greater volume of data being sent to Google since they don’t trust big tech companies with their personal information.

H/T: TechDows.

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