Facebook’s Defense Plan Against Regulatory Company Breakup Just Got Leaked

After having acquired WhatsApp as well as Instagram, Facebook has managed to soar past its competition and by this point in time it’s fair to say that the social media platform has managed to create somewhat of a monopoly in the world of social media at this current point in time. With so much pressure being put on the company from regulatory bodies as well as governments, it’s fair to say that the social media platform is expecting something that would be quite destructive for the company as a whole: a government ordered breakup of its assets.

This would mean that Instagram and WhatsApp would end up becoming separate companies that other corporations might just be able to purchase for the purposes of turning them into their own subsidiaries or perhaps sole companies that have no subsidiaries or parent companies. This would be a nightmare for Facebook, and a recent leak by WSJ has revealed what the social media platform is planning to say to defend itself against such a thing happening if a ruling ends up being more or less unfavorable to them in some way, shape or form.

Facebook’s plan of action appears to be that the two apps are too thoroughly integrated into their own infrastructure and that Facebook has spent a lot of money trying to make it so that the apps would be so fully integrated. This might be a major reason why Facebook has been integrating so quickly over the past couple of years, and it might just make their case solid. Some might say that this isn’t very strong ground on which one can end up standing, which means that Facebook might be broken up if this defense is made. It will be very interesting to see what pans out if a ruling is made in this regard.

Photo: Pool / Getty Images

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