Facebook's "Community Help Hub" becomes a source of connection between the people in the pandemic

In a recent post, Facebook stated that it has launched a new feature to help the people in this pandemic. It stated that this new feature is a part of Facebook's s community help hub this feature will assist the users, if they will have any queries or if they are in need of help during this coronavirus pandemic.

When the public will be in need of something they can post their need publicly on their Facebook feeds when the post is published it will reach the algorithm of the community help hub, and people who have the solution to your concerns will be able to see your post and help you with it.

An example of this might be that a person is looking for a mask, and because of the lockdown is not able to go out and getting the mask is very important. So that person can post it on Facebook, and people will be able to help him and the person will get masks on his door step. The best part about this feature is that it will show suggestions from your neighbourhood areas which will make more convenient to get the stuff.

The community help hub feature is available in English and 17 additional languages. This feature has outstanding qualities as it can easily understand when someone asks that we need face masks and someone posted prior that we are donating face covers for all the sizes this feature will know the meaning of both the things and with the algorithm will suggest it to him. Additionally, if someone has ever posted that I can lend a hand to anyone Facebook will suggest that person to the user who asked for face masks.

Facebook has told the users that this new feature has been built by XLM-R. This software understands different languages. It also comes with a 550 million parameter. And about 2.5 terabytes were trained on language awareness.

XLM looks for languages from pretext which is a natural language processor. Whenever people post something it first seen by this processor so that no language barriers occur.

People questioned Facebook that what steps are they taking to avoid people from posting useless things on this Hub. In response to this Facebook stated that they conduct offline surveys in order to avoid this. Facebook clarifies that “integrity classifiers” check the posts and can easily detect if anything is against the policy. Facebook not only has XLM-R but much different software which searches peoples post and finds the solution for them. This is XLM pertaining. It also is available in many languages and almost 50% of the requests come from this feature.

Along with how to live with the COVID people are learning how to be a better person and how to help the community. Facebook has always tried to make this community in 2017 it launched a feature to help people. This feature also brings connections amongst other countries and also allows donations and charities, and is also raising funds for UNF and WHO.

Via: Fb.

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